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So, as of last week, Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism is OUT IN THE WORLD! Yeah! And yesterday, the book was on Buzzfeed with 10 select photos from the book! Go check it out!

This past Tuesday I learned how to not be scared of my sewing machine thanks to an Intro to Sewing course at Bits of Thread here in DC. It was so momentous that I literally had the following clip from What About Bob in my head: I have slugged my grandmother’s old Singer sewing machine […]

So last week, we started our journey of 48 Weeks of Historical Craftivism! You can read all about it (and Gandhi spinning khadi!) here and over at #HistCraftivism. The goal here is for me to share with you what I learned in two hours of research. I’ve decided to mainly go with words and photos […]

Huzzah! The press release for Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism has come out! Click here to see an excerpt of the book! Click here to read a Q&A with me about the book! Also, I’m happy to announce that in February, I’ll be back in England, giving a talk about craftivism at the […]

1. The video below is the amazing Kate Bingaman-Burt giving a TEDx talk in Portland. Along with getting hella inspired while watching it, you can also learn how (and why) it’s important to become an “art soldier.” 2. Things have been slow here as I have been off editing a book! As I don’t have […]

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