Another #craftivism photo round up!

Checking out #craftivism on Instagram is one of my very favorite things! Therefore, I wanted to share a few photos from that feed that have made my day recently!

i'm so honored and grateful to say that these freedom collection stitched pieces are connecting with so many. i'm excited that something small that i'm doing is connecting and shining a light on the issues surrounding modern day slavery. i've shipped off two more pieces to some beautiful folks and began working on this last night. and most importantly, i've sent funds to @ijm as they represent, rescue, and restore those in slavery. can't wait to share the new look of the freedom collection along with a variety of price points…very soon! cheers… . . . { #healing #endslavery #slavery #hope #bethechange #smallthings #greatlove #inspiration #natural #linen #organiccotton #stitch #embroidery #mindfulness #craftivism #plantlove #rustic #ivory #liveauthentic #vintage #wabisabi #peace #compassion #simple #fiberart #textile }

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I've been quiet about the Orland Shooting for a while. It's taken me a bit to process it. My friend lived in Jacksonville for four years and she used to go to that bar. Her friend who still lives there goes almost every weekend still. He wasn't there that night, but he lost SEVEN of his friends in this act of hateful terrorism. She told me it's not unlike the gay bars we frequent here in Baltimore. All I know is it could have been me. It could have been my best friend. It could have been you. It wasn't, but it was fifty people whose best friends and families are now in mourning over an act done out of pure hate. I can't make bigots love queer people. 🌈🌈🌈 What I can do is try to let queer people know they are beautiful as they are. You are beautiful and you are loved. Not by all, but by many – including me. Here is a token of that. 📷: @maurahousley #lovewins #lgbtqpride #lgbtpride #gaypride

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And one last image, which is an #ssslovebomb!

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