Holi, the Festival of Colors

One last check of the news before I go to bed tonight and the front page of The Guardian (online) has photos from past Holi celebrations.

I’m not sure how I’ve managed to entirely miss Holi, the Festival of Colors, until this evening. It is a welcoming of springtime by a number of Eastern religions, the “celebrated season of Love.” You can read more about various Holi celebrations here and read various legends surrounding its beginning here.

The photos in this post are taken from a photo gallery of Holi in 2009.

And seeing these photos makes me sad for everyone not choosing that wicked orange sweater they like because it will be “too bright” at the office or stuffing their hot pink tights in a drawer so as to not cause a commotion. Why don’t we celebrate? Why don’t we dive in and embrace hues that make our lives cheerier and more colorful more often?

These photos resonate deeply because they’re about open, honest, pure celebration. They make my feet tingle out of happiness. There’s a joy and a note of life that you rarely see captured. Today, as you’re wearing your khakis or perhaps whites, have a look online for photos from Holi today. And join in their celebration of colors, the bright, the bold and the awesome.

And don’t forget to take notice of how you (your mind, your eyes, your body) react to the photos, to their smiles and their tones. Chances are good, you’ll find yourself smiling back.

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2 Responses to Holi, the Festival of Colors

  1. Morganism March 1, 2010 at 12:21 am #

    I visited India, but unfortunately I was too late for Holi, arriving in the summer. They have very few festivals in the summer because it’s just too darn hot. The beauty of India is that women’s garb is this fantastically vibrant year round! <3

    I will see you at Columbia College on Thursday! So thrilled! Love what you’re up to!



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