You Are So Very Beautiful … In Your City!

Want to share a little joy in your hometown?

Want to share the YASVB love in your city? It’s easy!

You are more than welcome to make signs and drop them around your town, as long as they fit in a few parameters: the affirmation starts with “you are,” the hashtag #yasvb is on the back, and you snap a quick photo, to either share on social media or with me (via email), as I’m collecting photographs of signs left around the world!

If you’re going to drop them around your town, feel free to either do so yourself or to get some friends and family together to make signs- it’s quite a lot of fun, and in handmaking/stitching an affirmation, you, the maker, are getting a benefit as well. You are letting those words resonate in your soul, reminding you of just how wonderful/amazing/beautiful, etc. you really are.

For inspiration, have a look at the #yasvb hashtag over on Instagram!

As an example, when I did a drop with Mary England in Baltimore, we met up and made some quick signs; went out and spread them around the Fells Point neighborhood (and took photographs)!

You’re welcome to place them around your city whenever you see fit!

Lastly, of course, I’m not the affirmation sign police and you can make them without those parameters as well, but if you’d like to be a part of the project, it would be great if you stayed within them so we can see what you’re up to!

Still reading? Ready to make some signs?! Send me an email using the form below and tell me what’s going on and where!

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