Compliance Depot Vendor Agreement

1. Go to RealPage Vendor Credentialing to register at (888) 493-6938, Extension 4. They are invited to provide business information and pay an annual registration fee. The royalty structure would be $99 on site and $80 off-site. NOTE: Your business is classified as an on-site or off-site provider, depending on whether your business category usually visits the accommodation or never visits the accommodation. The requirements vary depending on the one. All documents must be sent directly by email to or by fax to (877) 665-8910 at Compliance Depot. Do not fax documents to Tipton headquarters or a community. Please attach a front page with your company name and refer to the documents you submit for compliance with Tipton. You can also visit the Compliance Depot website at

Please note that the registration process is accompanied by an annual fee. To complete the registration process, your company must provide a W-9, company profile information, licenses (if applicable) and a signed vendor agreement. All creditors must also pass a substantive examination. When a salesperson does some kind of work while physically on the premises of a Community run by Tipton, he must comply with the necessary documents regarding our insurance requirements and submit them. Thank you for your interest in becoming a supplier to our community. In order for us to benefit from your services, you or the company you represent must be registered and approved through the compliance filing. To become an approved provider, the following steps must be completed: Once you are done, you can check your status via the compliance filing site, using the username and password made available to you by Compliance Depot. You have customer representatives available Monday to Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the mountains to help you or your insurance agent answer your questions. Compliance Depot is a third-party provider that is responsible for managing Tricap Residential Group`s vendor compliance program. Follow these simple steps below to become a new provider for Tricap Residential! Thank you for your interest in becoming a supplier to The Tipton Group.

To be able to provide services to one or more communities managed by Tipton, you must be certified by Compliance Depot, a third-party provider that manages the tipton credit insurance compliance program. Once you register and have been approved through Compliance Depot, your company is a licensed provider for all communities managed by Tipton. Please – Until your RealPage lender status is approved, you cannot be hired as a credit earner . . . Work before authorization is subject to a delay or non-payment – If you are ahead of an authorized credit, it does not guarantee that you will be hired. Please contact our property staff to be hired as a salesperson. You must receive an invitation to become a lender through a regional supervisor or local manager. Call Compliance Depot to register at (888) 493-6938. Select Option 5 to start the registration process.

You will be asked about your business information and an annual registration fee of $99 must be deposited. The Compliance Deposit collects insurance documents, a W-9 agreement and all other applicable information that is required to qualify you as an approved echelon lender. Our supplier contract, a standard insurance certificate and an empty W-9 are attached as a reference. Call the compliance filing at (888) 493-6938 x5 regarding the state of approval. Call or email the local manager to pay the bills. We look forward to working with you in the future! REQUIREMENTS – Click on the links below to download the corresponding documents. Until all requirements are met, Tipton-managed communities should not hire you as suppliers. The admission as Tipton`s supplier does not guarantee that it

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