Consulting Royalty Agreement

1.23 Tribe. Tribe would be the Pinoleville Pomo Nation of Indians or any other tribe that FoxBarry has reached an agreement on the management of medical marijuana in the state of California. All FoxBarry agreements with other tribes outside the State of California are covered by another agreement between the parties. Companies often hire consultants[1] because companies have projects that, for a number of reasons, may not be suitable for a staff member, or because projects require some expertise that consultants can make available or because companies want to develop their engineering staff. The relationship between the company and the consultant is often informal with the relationship based on discussions and verbal agreements. However, as explained in this article, a written advice agreement is appropriate and highly desirable for both the company and the consultant. i) The 15% licence rate is reduced as follows: net sales for the month divided by the maximum turnover for the month multiplied by the basic licence rate of 15% is equal to the reduced licence rate. 16.2 Resignation. In the event that one of the parties is not the origin of the infringement or failure of this agreement, each party has the right to terminate the written notification agreement having a case. This termination does not affect any other rights, either under the provisions of this Agreement, in the act, on the issue of equity or otherwise. The full outstanding balance of all royalties and other amounts due due under this contract is due immediately and payable at the end of the contract.

23. DURATION AND EXTENSION. This agreement will remain fully in force for five (5) years from its entry into force, unless otherwise denounced by application of the law. This agreement is automatically extended by five (5) years at the end of the period, bringing the final duration to a total of twenty (20) years. In the event that FoxBarry does not continue its business activities with the tribe and decide not to pursue the licensing and production of medicinal marijuana and UCANN medical marijuana products against UCANN`s will and will for less than 20 years, UCANN is entitled to purchase the renewal of this agreement. UCANN is not entitled to purchase if it is late to any of the terms of this agreement. The buy-out is calculated at 6 times the annual average of gross payments collected by UCANN for royalties. The terms of the repurchase are negotiated in good faith between the parties.

Most orientation contracts are structured as a master`s contract with a declaration of work. The company and the advisor can then make a work statement for each project. The framework contract will respect the obligations that apply to all work instructions, confidentiality, ownership, guarantees and liability. The different working instructions detail the conditions that apply to each specific project, for example. B project details, delivery plan, milestones, delivery items, payment amounts and schedule, and acceptance criteria.

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