Housing Authority Lease Agreement

This rent starts on the date indicated in Part I, Section I, of the lease. The term is one year and is automatically extended by an additional year, unless it is terminated under this lease under the law or by the PAH Licensing and Training Directives (ACOP). The parties agree and acknowledge that the directives of the ACOP, the Manual and the Council, adopted from time to time, have been included in this volume and have been fully included in this volume by reference, as in the lease agreement. A copy of the guidelines adopted by ACOP and Council is published on the website (www.paducahhousing.com) in the PAH office at 2330 Ohio Street, Paducah, KY 42003. A copy of the ACOP and instructions may be provided upon request at the expense of the applicant, as provided by the rental agreement. If, during the term of this lease, the resident is no longer able to comply with the essential provisions of this tenancy agreement due to a physical or mental disability and the PAH cannot make appropriate arrangements to allow the resident to comply with the tenancy agreement, so that action is taken. The PAH will assist residents or designated family members of the occupier to transfer the occupant to more suitable housing. If there are no family members, hap will work with appropriate agencies to secure the appropriate housing. If the resident is permanently locked in a care home, the rent expires with the date the keys are handed over to the PAH. A resident may temporarily be absent from the unit for up to 6 consecutive months, provided that the rental fee continues to be paid.

Renting a common unit means renting a separate room in an apartment or building with community-style amenities such as the kitchen and bathroom. This rental, along with the ACOP, including leasing information on special fees for services and repairs, rental delays, appeal procedures, pet regulations, rules and regulations on the use of premises, all policies voted by the Committee of Commissioners, which will be sent to the administration, as well as any future adjustment of the rent , as well as the current rules and regulations of PAH, or below in effect when residents, as provided by law and this rental, and all drivers associated with the entire agreement between the PAH and the resident, which, in addition, that the PAH can modify this rental, only after at least thirty (30) days of written notification to residents to provide the opportunity to provide written comments , which are taken into account by the PAH before the proposed amendment takes effect.

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