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Knitting, History, the War, and the Internet.

Knitting and the internet are like peas in a pod. They just seem to fit together so well, zeroes and ones of code, plus the knit stitch and the purl stitch equals win. There’s a lot online about knitting (which is the best) for the war (which is the worst) currently, but there’s also a ton of stuff online about knitting for other completely crappy wars, too.

So today, here’s a little look of what you can find regarding knitting, the war, and well, more knitting. (Except for the last two, they’re just war-related old-timey awesome.)

The title pretty much says it all. Here’s a gem of a clip from Cary Grant’s 1943 movie, Mr. Lucky:

Many thanks to the consistently awesome Step for sending this to me!

Along with Cary Grant knitting for the war, there are other weird knitting in pop culture references from times gone by for the war:

sm She 039 dKnitKnitKnit

Verse 1:
Pretty little Kitty’s got the patriotic craze
Knitting scarfs for soldiers day and night
Silly little Billy now is spending all his days
Watching Kitty knit with all her might
She even knits when out in his canoe.
She knits while Billy tries to bill and coo.

Knitting and sheet music and war seem to have gone hand in hand, as you can see here from the University of Iowa sheet music collection:

stay away small 000

You can find more information about knitting for the war by either clicking here or clicking the photo below.

WorldWarI sheetmusicKnit09

This cute photo is from here, which includes some insanely awesome information about WWII and the home, rationing, along with a worksheet on how to teach kids about making and mending.

ww2 boys knit

It also includes this awesome poster.

ww2 housewives

And this one is unrelated, but well, messed up, and amazing. This link will take to you the awesome collection of historic (some knitting related) sheet music at the Duke University Library.

a6567 1 72dpi

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