C’mon, North Carolina, we’re better than this.

pee near me


While I love that my home state has both the beach and the mountains, I don’t love that currently we’re the butt of every joke in the country given the passage of HB2. It’s embarrassing. And makes us look like the hayseeds some people think we already are in the South.

So I made a little something that I’m going to share. Because I am a trans ally. And I want anyone that is trans to know I support them. And they can pee near me.

There are enough problems in the trans community to worry about (high suicide rates for one) that having to add peeing to the list is infuriating. So I thought I’d make a little something that says not everyone agrees with the law. Because we support your life, your wellbeing, and your light. We need your light to continue to shine, too, because you are braver than most, and we need all the brave people we can get.

Who’s not brave? The governor. And this is all the more frustrating because chances are high Governor McCrory is just doing this to get the vote. He’s making people feel less than human to get re-elected.

He’s getting his Christian friends to say transgender individuals shouldn’t use the bathroom of the sex they identify with and making it a religion thing. Meaning if a transgender man comes into the women’s bathroom, he is risking being treated badly, with no due recourse, even though he’s upholding the law. Low blow. And the governor and his pals are like, “Yes, this is the way forward. This is the way we should be.”

But how can it be the way forward if it is a decision based on fear? And, as Austin Fonville rightly points out in this video, there is no actual precedent for it?

Fear brings hate. Fear breeds fear. Fear cancels out kindness. Fear gives people reason to hurt other people because it puts people into fight or flight mode. You get scared, your amygdala goes haywire, and you do something stupid. (Or something selfish in case of the governor.)

The Boss and a Beatle cancel concerts; companies everywhere don’t want to do business within your borders; and the state loses money. All because one jackhole wants the vote. And whips the Christian right up in such a fury that they don’t even see how un-Christian the intolerance is. Fear is not the way forward.

But speaking out about it is. Saying you don’t support HB2 helps make transgender individuals feel safe and wanted. (And before you say, “I don’t know anyone transgender,” are you sure? Because I’m willing to bet you’re not really all that sure.) Embracing individual choices is one step closer to stopping the madness. Making sure people know where you stand means letting someone trans know that you don’t agree with the law.

My North Carolina is a free North Carolina. One that accepts and welcomes and loves people for who they are. Yes, #wearenotthis, but we are also more than fear.

So if you need to, you can pee near me.


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