Digitized Craftivism

One of the coolest things about technology is that it helps us access items from all over the world. Enter the amazing power of libraries and you hit the jackpot.

As craftivism is nothing new, I love coming across old books and booklets that help people make things for others, especially those in need.

Therefore, I was especially happy to find the two books (click for PDF) in the University of Southampton’s digitized library collection, which is a literal virtual treasure trove of crafty goodness.

And it’s not just the patterns that are fascinating either, the ads within are amazing, too!
Help the Trawlers

Ladies' Work For Sailors

Also, if you’re a knitter, the University of Southampton also houses the Richard Rutt collection, which is quite fabulous.

From a more modern perspective, check out this amazing video by Craftspace about why craftivism is important! The video is about an event that has already happened, but some super important points are made as to why craftivism can be helpful, poignant, and healing.

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