Photos from Craftspace Youth’s Sexuality and Gender Roles Workshop

The other day on Twitter, @CraftspaceYouth mentioned having a workshop on sexuality and gender roles, which I found by searching the #craftivism hashtag, as I look at it from time to time to see what craftivists around the world are up to. One thing I’m super proud of is the variety of work that people come up with, as they take craftivism and make it their own, tailoring it to the subjects that they care most fervently about in life.

In this case, this workshop tackled a sensitive issue for many and, as you can see from the photos below, the takeaway here is that everyone has a right to feel safe in their body and to love the person(s) they want to love. What I love about this project is that it allowed young people a safe space for discussion and dialogue, where they could make work that expressed how they’re feeling inside and then talk about those feelings with others. This is what makes craftivism so personally transformative, this chance to work out your feelings as you craft, both internally and externally.

As I’d like to share more of the craftivist projects that people are doing on here, I asked them to send me some photos of the workshop, which they did! Craftspace Youth is the youth section of Craftspace, am amazing “crafts development organisation” in Birmingham, UK that works with communities and artists to produce fantastic results! Ever since I had the chance to hear the director speak a few years ago in London I’ve had such an incredible crush on the work they do!

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Thanks @CraftspaceYouth for sharing your workshop photos with me, and for doing the great work that you do!

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