Tour notes, job changes, and other fun things.

Sometimes you come back from tour and things that were routine in your life suddenly change. Sometimes people say one thing and then change their minds later. Sometimes you find yourself at a crossroads where it’s either get another job or look into going back to school. And sometimes that crossroads is a pretty scary and weird place.


Finally! I had craftivism badges made thanks to the lovely people at Six Cent Press! If you’d like one, please comment here or email me, as I’ve been sharing them with people that weren’t able to come see us on tour. This pic was taken on my friends’ kitchen chair that was just the best shade of blue.


This little buttoned-up beauty was part of a workshop that Kim Werker, Leanne Prain, and I ran at Makeshift Society in San Francisco. I had a little extra help from some yummy coffee from Ritual in Hayes Valley, where the barista was listening to some crusty punk that was sweet music to my tired ears.


Earlier that today the amazing Sonya Philip had taken us to SCRAP SF, where I found my new spirit animal, who I later found via an online friend is actually Stratos from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Apparently, he is a ruler of the Bird People, can fire “bolts and streams of energy from his hands,” and learned how to fly from an egg, so naturally, he’s my kind of dude.


I also found marquee letters at SCRAP, which I discovered are kind of the best.


This gem of a quote was on the wall of Tillamook Station, where we held a workshop thanks to Isaac Watson of Maker’s Nation. You can read an account of what it was like to actually take the workshop from Lisa Walker England here. If that sounds like fun to you, we’re definitely up to doing more, so get in touch!

All of these photos were originally posted over on Instagram, so if you’d like to be ahead of the curve, come follow me over here.

Additionally, should you have any job opportunities for a writer or editor, I’d love to hear about them.

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