Suffragettes… And Their Banners

I’ve been writing some posts on craftivism for the Fabrics Store blog, and the one that comes out on Friday features suffragette banners, along with Gandhi and the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo.

As I was looking for photos for that blog post, I came across the large photo collection of suffragette photos from the Library of Congress, and was amazed at all the different ways women used to get their message across. There are just a few of them below.

Please note that the photographs are in thumbnail version, so that if you click on them, they revert to their original size, allowing you to view them in more detail.

A 1917 photograph by Harris & Ewing of an unidentified suffragette.

trixie friganza 1

Trixie Friganza between other suffragettes on top of steps, New York, 1908. 

liberty and her attendants

Liberty and her Attendants (Suffragette’s Tableau) in Front of Treasury Building, Washington, DC, March 3, 1913.

suffragettes at white house

Suffragettes at the White House, 1900. 

bristow amendment

Suffragettes in Washington, DC, 1917. 

suffrage speaking from cart, london

Suffragette speaking from a cart, London, 1900. 

american suffragette

Mrs. H. Riordan, Suffragette, New York, 1910. 

how long

Suffragettes picketing at the Senate Office Building, Washington, DC, 1909. 

suffragettes 2

Suffragettes in Washington, DC, 1910. 

votes for women

Suffragettes in London, 1900. 


Margaret Vale (Mrs. George Howe), niece of President Wilson in suffrage parade, New York, October 1915.

envoys of russia

Suffragettes in Washington, DC, June 1917. 

trixie friganza

Suffragette Trixie Friganza in New York, 1908. 

gen jones

Gen. Jones “Forward,” 1914. 


Suffragettes and young girls carrying balloons, running down the steps of the U. S. Treasury towards three awaiting women, Washington, DC, 1913.

mrs laidlaw

Mrs. J. L. Laidlaw, suffragette, 1910.

suffragettes with banners

Suffragettes with banners in Washington, DC, 1918.

suffrage hay wagon

Suffrage hay wagon, Yonkers, New York, 1913.

agnes jenks

Suffragette Alyce Jenks.

suffragette umbrellas

Suffragettes and their umbrellas, 1910. 

suffragettes with flagsWomen suffrage hikers General Rosalie Jones, Jessie Stubbs, and Colonel Ida Craft, who is wearing a bag labeled “Votes for Women pilgrim leaflets” and carrying a banner with a notice for a “Woman Suffrage Party. Mass meeting. Opera House. Brooklyn Academy of Music. January 9th at 8:15 p.m.

tiny suffrage banner

A tiny, yet mighty, suffrage banner.

suffragette ball butterfly dance

Suffragette ball butterfly dance.

no self-respecting woman

Suffragettes with banner, Washington, DC, 1920. 

votes for women 2

Suffragettes posting bills, 1910.

greek cymbal dance

Suffragette ball Greek cymbal dance, Washington, DC, 1918.

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  1. wfih June 11, 2015 at 4:59 am #

    Love this! Have been missing your history posts.

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